Vision & Values Workshops

As Peter Drucker said – “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” Many organizations are clear on their ‘mission’ – what they want to achieve. Fewer are clear on their ‘vision’ – what they want to ‘be’ and ‘be seen as’ by the customers, employees, investors, and strategic partners. Many have values, but few have clarity on the signature behaviors they expect from their people – what they ‘do’ and ‘don’t do’.

Even in organizations where the vision, values, and signature behaviors are clearly defined, many have no clearly articulated strategy for leaders to role-model, recognize, reward, and manage these values so they become “the way we do things around here”. In our vision and values workshops, we focus in three key areas:

Develop Values

  • How the organization is currently perceived by employees, customers, and the market
  • How the organization wants to be perceived - what they want to ‘be’ and ‘be seen as’
  • What employees say - what the organization has and doesn’t have
  • What employees say - what they want and don’t want
  • The key values that define what we want and what we need to have
  • Developing simple and attractive language so it defines what we really want and it ‘sticks’ in the business

Define Behaviours

  • What people are doing and not doing - actions and interactions
  • What people are saying and not saying - communication and messages
  • How people are being day-in and day-out - attitudes and mindset
  • Defining the signature behaviors for each of the organizational values
  • Developing a clear and concise communication plan to ensure the team understand and are aligned to the values and signature behaviors

Embed & Encourage

  • How leaders will role-model the values - what they will do and not do. Moments of trust that truly signify “this is the way we do things around here”
  • How leaders and the business will communicate and message the values and behaviors - mediums, mechanisms, and rhythm
  • How the business will reward and recognize people who live the values. How they will celebrate what they want to see more of
  • How leaders manage misalignment to values - understanding reasons for misalignment and developing strategies to help people get on the bus or step off the bus

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