Value Proposition Development

The ability of an organization to communicate it’s unique and compelling value to key customers is arguably one of the critical building blocks to unlock winning potential. While most organizations focus on vision, values, strategy, and branding, many settle for generic messages rather than specific, targeted insights and offers for specific customer segments and buyer personas.

We work with leaders and their teams in three key areas:


  • Macro-market analysis - key trends, dynamics, disruptors
  • Competitors and alternatives to your offer
  • Key stakeholders - decision makers, end users, employees
  • Your current and potential product/service offer, collateral, capability, tools, processes, technology
  • Delivery mediums and mechanisms
  • How you impact customer business drivers and personal motivations
  • Evidence required to support your value proposition


  • Defining a value proposition - what it is, what it isn’t
  • The four primary ingredients of a compelling value proposition
  • Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes - empathy and relevance
  • Defining the problem(s) you solve better than anyone else - who has them, how significant are they?
  • Quantifying the impact and outcomes you create
  • Developing compelling proof points and evidence
  • Defining your key customer cohorts, personas, their journeys
  • Insights and story-telling


  • A framework for analyzing customer cohorts, buyer personas, and unique customers to craft a relevant and specific message
  • Tools to quickly and effectively tailor the value proposition to specific customers
  • A process planning and executing exceptional customer conversations
  • Recognizing the style, individual drivers, and motivations of decision makers to connect personally and emotionally
  • Dealing with resistance and objections to your value proposition
  • Gaining commitment

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