Pitching & Bid Consulting

There is no silver bullet for winning business. In today’s complex, highly competitive selling environment customers have set an incredibly high benchmark in their expectation of suppliers. Buyers are asking sales people to do more, listen more, find out more and be more disciplined in their approach. They expect sales professionals to be genuinely curious about their business, as well as courageous in challenging them with insights and innovations.

Major bids and tenders can no longer be the domain of the sales team and bid manager.  It needs to be understood and embraced from the top down across every key function in the business. Creating a winning culture is about much more than having a team that wants to win, it is about developing and embedding the culture, processes, and capability to connect, compel, and commit. We provide training, coaching, and consulting in three areas:


Planning & Pursuit
  • Setting up your pitch hub - physical and virtual ‘war rooms’
  • Developing long-term, elegant pursuit strategies and activities
  • Decision maker analysis and engagement strategies
  • Developing a unique and compelling value proposition (Silver Bullets)
  • Conducting competitive analysis to mitigate risk (Achilles Heel)
  • Creating key themes and messages that connect and compel (Zoom In / Zoom Out)
  • Building an evidence bank that makes a strong case


Documents & Artifacts
  • Crafting key themes and messages for readers
  • Developing executive summaries for clarity and cut-through
  • Persuasive structure and language for key schedules in the response
  • Incorporating evidence throughout the document
  • Linking appendices to the documents for coherence
  • Developing relevant and persuasive team biographies
  • Designing creative and compelling document look, feel, flow
  • Creative packaging & delivery


Rehearsal & Delivery
  • Defining presentation roles & responsibilities
  • Incorporating ‘winning 1%ers’ for audience connection
  • Presentation planning - situation, offer, outcomes, proof points
  • Presentation structure - key pillars, points, and people (owners)
  • Delivery skills rehearsal
  • Coaching using command, connect, compel guidelines
  • Pitching as a team
  • Q&A Strategies
  • Managing nerves

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