Unlock your Winning Potential

‘As the world gets more complex with mountains of data and smarter technologies, human beings need to be even more human – more connected, compelling, and committed.

The winning potential of people and businesses is unlocked when leaders and their teams become more connected to customers and each other, they are more compelling when they influence and persuade, and they are more committed to their goals and actions.’

Managing Director | Peter Griffith

At 3Things Consulting, we help organizations and individuals unlock their winning potential by being more compelling, connected, and committed in executing their vision, strategies, and ambitions.  We focus on transforming sales and service, creating extraordinary customer experiences, and enabling cultures of exceptional performance and continuous improvement.

Working with thousands of executives from hundreds of businesses in a variety of industries we’ve learned there really is a magic number.  In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, and complex business environment leaders and their teams must be more compelling, connected, and committed to create competitive advantage and unlock their winning potential.  


The art of conversation isn’t dead, but it’s sometimes forgotten. Organizations and individuals often forget to listen to what customers are telling them, rather than focusing on what they want to tell customers. Understanding customers and delivering experiences that are easy, helpful, and engaging is the key to creating trust and advocacy.  

We develop the habits, capability and behaviours that help our clients build stronger networks, better customer relationships, and high performance team dynamics. We also work with leaders to ensure they connect their vision and strategies to individuals and teams through authentic, engaging, and inspiring messages and interactions.


The art of influence and persuasion is essential in almost every situation, whether it’s winning and growing customers, coaching for performance, or gaining commitment from colleagues.  

We develop the tools, attitudes, skills, and knowledge to help people deliver persuasive ideas, insights, and messages that create positive momentum.  We help individuals and teams develop multi-million dollar pitches, value propositions, and leadership messages – what they say and how they say it.


It’s not about whether your organization wants to win, but rather if everyone is truly prepared to do the things they need to do to be successful. The ability to turn great intentions into effective actions is the thing that sets apart good companies from great ones. 

In addition to developing clear direction, strategy, and action plans, we work with leaders and their teams to ensure they are focused on the things they need to start, stop, or do differently to execute the strategy and achieve their goals. We focus on developing and embedding the culture, capability, tools and processes to win.

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